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Chimezie Thomas-Ogbuji

Senior Research Associate, Medical Informatics Core

Office: WRB


Phone: 216.368.7566


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Research Interests

  • Semantic Web applications in Medical Informatics
    • Infrastructure for EHRs and PCHRs
      • Patient-controlled encryption techniques in PCHR systems
    • RDF as knowledge representation for patient record content
      • Efficient SPARQL query evaluation over large patient RDF dataset
    • Logic-based RDF query mediation
      • RDF query mediation over native RDF patient datasets
      • RDF query mediation over relational patient data
  • Applied ontology
    • Ontology management
    • Ontology for clinical informatics
      • Ontologically grounded framework for clinical terminology
  • Content repository infrastructure
    • XML and RDF processing as content repository infrastructure

Selected Publications

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