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About Us

The CCI's Division of Medical Informatics (DMI) is the technology and programming heart of the Center for Clinical Investigation. The aim of the DMI is to develop and make available informatics systems and tools that support each step of the scientific process. This aim is guided by the philosophy that well-organized and structured research data allow for greater analytic efficiency and accuracy and pave the way for meaningful scientific discovery.

The DMI is primarily charged with achieving informatics solutions to many of the barriers clinical investigators face in efficiently processing, storing and sharing research data; and with providing informatics standards and tools for the CCI and the larger research community. In order to meet these goals, the DMI is driven by the following foci:

  • Developing standards for research database development and data management that aim to maximize the value (accuracy, completeness, availability, security) of research data.
  • Developing technological solutions and tools in support of the other CCI cores.
  • Developing tools and systems to facilitate understanding of research data, including data dictionaries, data sharing tools, and repositories for biological data.
  • Conducting research in new methodologies for bioinformatics, information discovery, data mining, and translational research.

The DMI staff consists of programmers and systems analysts with not only a wide range of technical expertise, but with experience using technology in support of clinical research.


Guo-Qiang "GQ" Zhang

Rong Xu

Satya Sahoo

Licong Cui

Catherine Jayapandian

Office Hours

All members are available every weekday from 10AM to 4PM.

Collaborate With Us

All investigators seeking support from the CCI must complete the project form located on the CCI Collaboration page. This page also provides more detailed information about mechanisms of support for CCI members.

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